Lunch Menu (cont)

Warm Salads

All served on a bed of salad leaves with a crusty roll

Warm Chicken, Bacon, Sun-dried Tomatoes And Herbs
Warm Goats Cheese, Beetroot And Walnut (v)
Warm Roasted Vegetable And Feta (v)
Warm Brie And Bacon

Other Main Meals

Served with new potatoes or crusty bread AND a green salad OR a choice of three salads or peas.

Salmon Fishcakes With Dill Mayonnaise (*)
Nut Loaf With A Cheese And Tomato Layer (v)
Brie And Mushroom Pancake (v) (*)
Smoked Haddock Pancake
Traditional Ham And Two Fried Free-Range Eggs (*)

Salads (*)

All served with new potatoes or crusty bread and a green salad or a choice of three salads.

Traditional Ham Roast Topside Of Beef
Pastrami Roast Turkey Breast
Quiche Of The Day Cheddar Cheese (v)
Cottage Cheese (v)
Frittata Of The Day


Choose three salads to accompany your meal.

Five Bean Salad
Pasta and Pesto Salad
Carrot and Orange Salad
Sweetcorn and Pepper Salad
Celery, Nut and Apple Salad
Sweet 'N' Sour Beetroot Salad
New Potato Salad

* - childrens portions available
v - Suitable for Vegetarians