Lunch Menu

Served Between 12-2.30pm MON-FRI

Snacks and Starters

Garlic Bread (Warm Bread with a Pot of Garlic Butter to dip into) (v)
Nachos (topped with Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Cheese) (v)
Onion Bhajis with Mango Chutney (v)

Pate and Toast
Houmous with Olives and Toasted Pitta Bread (v)
Homemade Soup Of The Day
Taramasalata And Toasted Pitta Bread


Served in crusty bread (*), a large granary bap or warm ciabatta with a small helping of crisps.

Smoked Ham, Gooseberry Chutney And Salad Leaves
Goats Cheese, Red Onion Marmalade, Roasted Pepper And Rocket (v)
Pastrami And Coleslaw Roast Beef, Horseradish And Salad
Turkey With Mango Mayo & Leaves Houmous, Mixed Seeds & Pepper (v)
Salami With Chilli Jam And Leaves Cream Cheese With Smoked Salmon
Brie, Redcurrant And Rocket (v) Egg Mayonnaise And Cress (v)
Cheddar And Spicy Tomato Chutney Tuna, Sweet corn And Mayonnaise

Cheesy Topped Baked Potato Boats (*)

Served with a green salad OR three salads from the list at the back of the menu.

Tomato And Bacon
Garlic Mushrooms (v)
Roasted Vegetables And Goats Cheese (v)
Tuna And Sweetcorn

Vegetarian Beany Burger or Homemade Beef Burger

Served in a bun with one of the following toppings and a green salad or a choice of three salads.

Brie and Mushroom Stilton
Gherkin And Mayo Cheddar And Salsa

Rice Dishes

All served on a bed of rice with a green salad or a choice of three salads.

Three Bean Chilli (v)
Sweet And Sour Cashew Nut (v)
Thai Chicken Curry
Beef Chilli

* - childrens portions available
v - Suitable for Vegetarians